Welcome to the website of my dogs. 

They represent the breeds Schapendoes and Barbado da Terceira (Terceira cattle dog).

I got my first Schapendoes "Dama" in 1999 and she was the mother of my A-litter.  B-litter was born 2016 and two "girls" stayd with me.
They are now the 5th generation of this female line. 

I found my second breed Barbado da Terceira from Portugal, while I was working there for several years.
My first Barbado moved to Finland in 2009 and Beta is the first imported Barbado. Barbado is not yet recognized by F.C.I 



6.1.2019    photos C-litter
4.12.2018  RR´s C-litterpuppy plans
17.8.2018  news 
11.6.2018  news, LK Xerafina Serena
6.5.2018    LK E-litter fotos 7 >RR's Buster
24.8.2017 LK E-litter
10.7.2017 news                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


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